Semiet™ Visitor accurately records visitor information, creating a secure visitor management system that allows users to effectively manage the movement of people around their premises.


Reducing the risk of unauthorised access to your premises is a prime concern for many businesses and organisations, especially those with high security demands.

Integrating with Semieta Visitor, the Semieta Contractor solution extends the management of contractors to site, to ensure that only approved companies and contractors are assigned to specific jobs on site. Semieta Contractor is a business application which enables an organisation to manage the workflow of method statements, risk assessments and work permits by job and contractor.

The solution maintains a record of all visits that have been made and a list of who is on the premises at all times. The system records and provides information for the production of temporary day or multi-day visitor or contractor passes. Any contractor not seen to be wearing an ID badge can be challenged as to why they are on site and have they been inducted.

Knowledge of who is on site, where and when they have entered, and if possible leave site, is also of primary importance in this day and age. This document introduces the options and key features and benefits of our Semieta Contractor solution which will provide you with the tools to considerably improve the management of contractors to the site.


Semieta Contractor software solution will:

  • Handle all aspects of contractors on site.
  • Enable pre booking of contractors.
  • Enable authorised users to book contractors in.
  • Only contractors entered onto the system can be booked in.
  • Manage site inductions for single or multi-site locations.
  • Record the arrival and departure of contractors on site.
  • An ID pass can be printed in advance or at the time of the contractors arrival at site.
  • Each contractors name and details can be added, edited or deleted.
  • Provides emergency roll call should the unexpected occur.
  • Provides real time LIVE data updates to show who is on site, NOW.
  • System can work with manned access points, or at remote logging points.
  • The data from multiple access points can be centrally stored and managed.
  • Attendance records and Management Reports can be viewed.
  • Provides Audit reports on all past bookings and visits.
  • Ensure correct documentation is received and approved.

Semieta IT Installation Requirements and Full Terms and Conditions are available on request.

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