Semiet™ Visitor accurately records visitor information, creating a secure visitor management system that allows users to effectively manage the movement of people around their premises.


As site security is becoming an ever-increasing priority, Semieta Visitor allows users to be fully aware of who is on site by producing detailed reports. Semieta Visitor is also designed to be durable and provide a long term security system for users.

The innovative visitor management software tool logs and controls visitor attendance information, all in real time, to provide the most effective security control. The system is user-friendly and flexible; comfortably operating within any industry sector or company size. We also provide different specifications of the software to meet a wide range of requirements and budgets.

The Semieta Visitor management system supports barcode scanners and web cams to create unique visitor photo ID cards and passes, ensuring organisations know exactly who is on site and when. The identity cards can be fully personalised and used by staff, contractors, visitors and other personnel to create an innovative reception management system.


Fast, effective and secure recording on to site.

Semieta Visitor is an easy-to-use, highly efficient system that manages people and their site attendance information accurately and securely.

MS SQL Server database

The MS SQL Server software is used by all of the Semieta software so that integration is seamless.

MS SQL Server


Temporary paper badges or durable high-quality plastic badges

Semieta Visitor allows users to issue temporary passes each time a visitor returns, or issue plastic badges that are returned to the reception, or a combination of the two if you wish to distinguish between staff members and visitors, for example.

Paper or Durable Badges


Choice of badge design

The badges are easily customisable and so that the ID cards reflect the company branding and create a more personal security system. Badge designs can be edited so that each organisation can choose which data fields to prioritise on their ID cards.

Badge Design


Badge printing system

Ensuring that the process of creating a new data record and an associated ID card is as quick and efficient as possible.

Badge printer


Barcode and photograph identity facilities

This means that all time and attendance information is recorded in real-time, ensuring records are kept up-to-date and highly reliable. Photograph identity facilities allow users to create ID cards that show a photo of the holder so that the highest level of security can be maintained.

Barcode Identification


Simple integration with other applications

This integration can allow organisations to improve their security systems by further controlling who is on site and where they are authorised to access.

Integration with other applications


Which Semieta™ Visitor is right for you?

Semieta™ Visitor is an easy-to-use, highly efficient system that manages people and their site attendance information accurately and securely.

Which package are you going to choose?


Single PC install, multiple users.



Dual PC installation, multiple users, shared database.



Full server install, multiple PC's and users at one location.

  Included Price £ Included Price £ Included Price £
Licence Type Single PC Licence Up to 5x PC Licences Multi Site Licence
Log IN / Log OUT      
Roll Call      
Standard Reports      
Tailored Reports   Option £600.00 Option £600.00
Standard Badge Design      
Tailored Badge Design      
Key Manager   Option £335.00  
Site Induction      
Web Cam Option £25.00 Option £25.00 Option £25.00
Barcode Scanner Option £170.00 Option £170.00 Option £170.00
Paper Printer Option £95.00 Option £95.00 Option £95.00
ID Card Printer Option POA Option POA Option POA
Blank Paper Passes (per 1000) Option £24.00 Option £24.00 Option £24.00
Pre-Printed Paper Passes Option POA Option POA Option POA
Plastic Wallets for Paper Passes (x100) Option £15.00 Option £15.00 Option £15.00
Strap Clips (x100) Option £12.00 Option £12.00 Option £12.00
Standard Lanyards (x100) Option £43.00 Option £43.00 Option £43.00
Annual Service and Support Level 1 £150.00 Level 2 £325.00 Level 3 £595.00
Additional Software Licences N/A Option £395.00 Option £595.00
Intranet Visitor Booking   Option POA Option POA
SQL Database Required
Site Visit - Installation Fee Remote or 1/2 Day £325.00 1 Day £600.00

Service and Support

A full client service and support agreement for Semieta™ Visitor is recommended, to ensure that we can keep you up to date with all the latest software developments.

Semieta support options

The support provided is offered in three levels for Semieta™ Visitor, as follows:

Semieta Visitor Lite Telephone/Remote Support Only
Semieta Visitor Pro Telephone / Remote Support; Chargeable Call Out within 5 working days
Semieta Visitor Enterprise Telephone /Remote Support + Priority Call Outs - 2 free per year

What is covered?

In summary, the cover includes the following benefits for our clients:

  • Annual Software Maintenance Agreement provides:
    • Helpdesk Support, 09:00 - 17:30 Mon-Fri
    • Free on-line and on-site support
    • Free call outs (if fault/bug within our system cannot be rectified on line)
    • Software Upgrades provided free of charge
  • Annual Hardware Maintenance Agreement provides:
    • Next Day (Best Endeavour) Response
    • On-Site Response
    • Free Annual Visit Check

The agreement is reviewed annually.

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* The trial version of Semieta Visitor provides full functionality but is limited to 30 visitor passes.

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