Software and Technical Support

Our software support facility is a must have for your ID Software and system. Call us now on 0800 408 1471 or send an email to find out more. 

Database Creation We offer a professional database creation service with all our card systems. Our trained technicians have had many years experience in ensuring the information displayed on your new card system is exactly your company requirements.
Card Designs We offer a professional design service with all our card systems. Our trained designers work with the latest PC & Mac design programs to ensure the best quality and new exciting card designs to ensure your corporate design still exists.
Image Capture We offer a range of capture devices to ensure you are getting the best the best from your new photo id card system. If you need a live capture system or digital capture we offer a wide range.
System Reports System Reports provide a wealth of information concerning the cards held in your database, such as when a card was issued, how many cards were produce by day, month or year, what cards are due to expire, who issued the cards etc. Our systems have all the information you need whenever you need it. Contact us on 0800 408 1471 if you are unsure of these system features.
Software Upgrades Ensure you have the latest version of the ID Manager range of products by contacting us on 0800 408 1471. Older versions of software may not be compatible with the latest range of printers.
Staff Training Our support engineers are technically and competently qualified to ensure that you get the best staff training available, ensuring you get the best from your system. This service is available Monday - Friday, 9am-5pm.
Single Database - Multiple Systems Our experienced staff can link your card system to almost any ODBC compliant database like Oracle®, Access®, Dbase®, Foxpro®, Paradox® and SQL®. No more duplication of data and furthermore, data can be viewed from any PC with ID Manager Access. We also have successfully linked to Paxton Access®, TDSi®, PCSC®, PAC® and more. Please contact our support department for assistance on 0800 408 1471.